Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Science

#3689. Spring Nature Walk

Science, level: Pre-School
Posted Wed Mar 1 08:47:13 PST 2006 by Andrea Seigler (aseigler@williston,k12,sc,us).
Kelly Edwards Elementary School, Williston, S.C, USA
Materials Required: nature hunt checklist, crayon, small clipboard, assessment checklist
Activity Time: 15 to 25 minutes
Concepts Taught: classify objects as either a plant or animal

TSW search for an object on their Spring Nature Checklist.
TSW identify the object as either a plant or an animal.
TSW place an X on a plant object, and a circle on an animal object.

TTW show the student pictures of the animals and plants that he/she are to look for on the nature walk.
TTW make a checklist with pictures of the items the student will look for on the nature walk. The checklist will be placed on a small clipboard to make it easier for the student to carry on the nature walk.
TTW model how to use a crayon to place an X on a plant and a circle on an animal object.
TTW pass out a small clipboard to the student.
TTW lead the students on a nature walk.

TSW will search for the objects on the Spring Nature Checklist.
TSW Check off the objects when found with either an X for a plant object, or a circle for an animal object.
TSW return the checklist to the teacher when it is completed.

This assignment can be modified for those students who need a little extra help. It can be used either as a partner or a group project.

Using a teacher created checklist TTW place a check by the name of each student with a completed Spring Nature Checklist.