Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#3690. Integer War

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Wed Mar 1 12:45:59 PST 2006 by Joshua Christopher (
Liberty Middle School, Liberty, US
Materials Required: 10-15 Decks of Cards, class set of calculators, paper, and pencil
Activity Time: Class period
Concepts Taught: Multiplying, Dividing, Adding, And Subtracting Integers

After sections on integers and explaining how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers. Once the overall concepts have been grasp this review lesson/game will help reinforce the overall concept. Once this is done you split the class into groups of two. These integer rules should already me memorized and second nature.

Each group of students will be given one deck of cards. They will split these evenly between each other. Then explain the basic rules of regular WAR, which are both players, lay down a card and the one with the higher card wins both cards. Also when there is a tie then you lay three cards and flip to see who has the highest card. Next, explain that the rules for INTEGER WAR are only a little different.

In INTEGER WAR the cards are assigned signs. All red cards equal negative numbers and all black cards equal positive cards. The number on the card will represent its value face cards will equal 10 and an ace will equal 11. There are 4 different ways this can be played. 1.) With addition when the two cards are flipped the first on to add correctly and say the answer wins the cards. 2.) Subtraction same rules apply 3.) Division rules the same but dividing 3.) Multiplication rules the same but multiplying.

This is a great way to use integers and challenge the students to quickly realize how to solve and answer. Also it will give calculator practice. When and if students have a disagreement then the calculator will be the problem solve so the students can resolve problems themselves.