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#3693. Safety Words

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English 101
English 101, USA
Materials Required: flash cards of safety and sight words
Activity Time: 15 minutes
Concepts Taught: Say sight and safety words

Premise: Language and physical involvement use different parts of the brain.

This is designed for special education students with limited verbalization.

Sit in small groups. Show flash card and explain where it is found. For example: EXIT, find in the building and show how it would lead to an outside door. Talk about the color and letters that are lighted up to show in the dark. Discuss what you would do in an emergency, like a fire. Students can color such a sign to take home and post on their bedroom door. Homework page: discuss exit doors in home and where would we all meet outside to verify that all are out of the house. Look for exit signs in public when on outings in public. Send home picture of sign language for "EXIT"

Show American sign language sign for "EXIT" having students repeat the sign language and then verbalize the word. Repeat each day, adding a new sign a week.
By using hand signals, and then verbalizing the students have 2 ways to demonstrate that they know the word. The signing builds confidence and with a nod from the teacher you will hear verbalization. Soon, only verbalization will be needed.


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