Grade: Senior
Subject: Mathematics

#3696. Springbreak trip

Mathematics, level: Senior
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Barnwell 29, Williston, USA
Materials Required: State Map of SC, paper, calculator, pencil, handout
Activity Time: one hour
Concepts Taught: measurement, budgeting, finding mileage

Materials needed maps, calculators, rulers, paper for notes.
Objective: Students will learn how to plan a trip considering distance, time, budget factors.
Rules: A. The student and the friend from Clemson or USC Spartanburg will each have $500.00 to spend.
B. The hotel costs $120.00 per night.

C. Each time you stop to eat it will take1 hour and it will take 1 hour to pick up your friend from college. Also estimate that you will stop to eat about every 5 hours.

D. Each point of interest will take 3 hours.

E. Students may plan to spend one night on the way if the trip takes over 12 hours this could include staying at the friend's house the first night and starting out the next day.

F. Travel time will be 50 miles per hour.

G. Gas cost $2.129 per gallon.

H. Each point of interest will cost $20.00 to visit.

1. Use your map and ruler or a piece of paper and measure the distance from Williston to Clemson or Spartanburg and then to Myrtle Beach following the interstates. What is the total distance to the beach?
2. How many hours will the trip take? Include your stop times.
3. Which highways and interstates will you use on the trip?
4. How much will food/meals cost you?
5. How much will gas will it take if the car gets 27 miles per gallon. Remember to divide miles traveled by miles per gallon. Round to whole gallons.
6. How much will gas cost for the trip to the beach? Take the whole gallons in question 5 and multiply by the price per gallon in G.
7. How much will the hotel cost? Multiply the nights stayed by the cost of the hotel per night.
8. How many miles did you travel on your return trip if your brought your friend from the beach to Williston?
9. How much gas would you use on this part of the trip? Divide miles by miles per gallon and round up to whole gallons. Miles per gallon is in question 5

10. How much would you spend on gas for your return? Multiply G times whole gallons.

11. How much time would it take you to return? Divide miles by F.

12. If your car has a 14 gallon tank how many times would you have to stop for gas?
Multiply miles per gallon in question 5 times gallons in the tank. Divide that number into the total miles traveled to find stops for gas.

13. How much is your share if the gas and hotel bill if you split it with your friend?
Add questions 6 , 7 and 10 then divide by 2.

14. How much is your share if you had a second friend on the trip with you?
Add Questions 6,7 and 10 then divide by 3