Grade: Middle
Subject: Phys Ed

#3698. Volley Tennis

Phys Ed, level: Middle
Posted Mon Mar 6 05:37:36 PST 2006 by Erin Keen (
Liberty Middle School, Liberty, USA
Concepts Taught: Volleying

Volley Tennis

Objective: Student will be able to use tennis volleying skills to play a modified game of tennis using six people on the court.

Materials: Foam (or regular) Tennis ball, Tennis court, Tennis racquets

Introduction: This game is a mixture of volleyball and tennis. This game should help students refine the volley shot for tennis, and is also a fun game that can be played to get more students involved in playing at one time.

Content Development:
1. Make sure students understand what skill they are working on. Explain how to volley and the cues involved in volleying in tennis. Tell the students to focus on that skill while they are playing this game.
2. Put students (or have students get) into groups of six. Have each group stand in two lines of three on each side of the tennis court.
3. The object of the game is to start with a serve, either by bouncing the ball then hitting it, or by hitting the ball in the air. After the serve the ball may not bounce again. The teams need to volley the ball back and forth across the net until one team messes up and allows the tennis ball to hit the ground.
4. When the ball hits the ground the opposite team then gets a point.
5. The scoring in the game is rally scoring like volleyball. The students on each team will rotate serving just as in a volleyball game.

Remind students of what the objective was of today. Tell them that they should have worked on the volleying skills as well as had a good time playing a game. Remind them that volleying is an important part of the game of tennis, and is key in helping to carry out a strategy when playing. Remind them that tennis is a lifetime sport that can be played at any age, and at any local park, or school.