Grade: Middle
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#3702. Test Review

, level: Middle
Posted Thu Mar 16 02:18:09 PST 2006 by karen (
Middle School , Goshen, NY
Materials Required: 3X5 cards, Small box or basket
Activity Time: 10 - 30 minutes

Write or type a review question and answer on each 3 x 5 card. (Q and A on the same side of the card) Put the cards face down in the box. The teacher picks a card, reads the first question and calls on a class member. If the student gets the right answer, he comes up and chooses a card, reads the question and calls on a class member. This continues until the cards are gone. The rule is "call on quiet hands only" No calling out. Sometimes I designate a particular turn when a student may call on boys only, girls only, or people who haven't had a turn only.