Grade: Senior

#371. Writing Children's Literature

Reading/Writing, level: Senior
Posted Mon Mar 30 09:14:11 PST 1998 by Lori A. Comer (
John F. Kennedy High School, Denver, Colorado
Materials Required: Notes on Children's Literature, Sample Books
Activity Time: 90 minutes
Concepts Taught: Identifying Themes, Literary Techniques

1. Students brainstorm common themes and characteristics of their favorite children's stories. Teacher lists these and the titles of books on the board. Students copy these in their notes. Students are to bring in a favorite children's book for the following class period.

2. Lecture. Teacher reviews the characteristics common among children's literature examples. Notes can be obtained via the internet at various writing sites.

3. Following day. Students share stories they have brought to class. Again, the class looks for any commonalities among these stories.

4. Assignment. Students are to create their own children's book complete with a plotline, illustrations, and a colorful cover. Students are given a few weeks to complete this project. They are allowed to work with one partner on the project. Completed stories are shared with classmates. We even have an opportunity to go to our feeder elementary school and share these books. Students love this assignment!