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Subject: Science

#3738. Electricity/ Electron Flow

Science, level: all
Posted Sat Apr 15 07:24:05 PDT 2006 by Robert S Walser (
Hoffman Estates High School, Hoffman Estates USA
Materials Required: Power source 20-30 Volts/ tin foil/ small plastic tub or pyrex cooking dish for water, and a piece o
Activity Time: 5-20 minutes
Concepts Taught: How electricity moves

Fill the container 3/4 with water. Place a foil 6-10 stip at each end. bend the stips over so they go into the water and hook over the neds of the container.

Hook the power supply up to both ends.

Have student place one hand's fingers (pinky and pointer only))into the water with 20-30 volts applied.

Then have students roatate their hands to parallel with the foil. As they rotte their hand they will feel the current tingle up one finger and down through the other. Have students spread fingers and notice the intesnsity increase.

Now place the loastic lid inline with the current flow and not the tingling stops.

CAUTION!!! Only place one hand into the water.

If both hand go in the current will flow through the body and the HEART!!!!!