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#374. Spring - Activity Day

other, level: Pre-School
Posted Wed Apr 1 22:06:37 PST 1998 by Elaine Magud (
Joshua Cowell School, Manteca, Ca. USA
Materials Required: see lesson plan
Activity Time: 9 activities approx 10-15 min. each
Concepts Taught: Spring Activities- math, gross motor, fine motor etc.

Activities for the Day:
1. Bean Bag Basket Toss
Students toss the bean bag into a giant Easter Basket.
Materials needed: large basket, several bean bags, stickers for participation.
2.Egg Relay Race
Students run with a plastic egg in a spoon. Go Team Go!!
Materials: two large plastic ladles. Plastic eggs filled with confetti.
Divide students into two teams. Students carry plastic egg in ladle around a chair and back.
then transfer ladle to team member at "home base". Stickers for all!
3. Bunny Hop!
Materials: starting line and finishing line marked with chalk. Stickers
Students hop, jump, waddle, to the finish line. every one is a winner!
Divide students into equal teams. Determine where the starting and finishing line are.
Caller (adult in charge) call out the actions the students will take. Eg. Hop like a Bunny, Waddle
like a duck.
4. Bunny Ears/ Bunny Basket
Students make a Bunny ears headband and make a Bunny Basket from lunch bags.
Headbands- construction paper band with construction bunny ears. White ears with pink middles.
Students cut out ears and staple to head band. Adult staples headband to fit.
Pastel lunch bags - pre-cut a section out of the top to make ears. Bend back section together to
make handle. Students draw on bunny face and glue a cotton tail to the back.
5. Jumpin' Jellybean Sort
Graphing, sorting, eating.YUM!
Materials - miniature jelly beans for sorting. One inch graph paper - crayons.
Students sort jelly beans on graph paper- as they lift off candies students color the square

6. Art Table -
Student will be provided with a variety of media with which to experiment.
Water colors, Spring and Easter Stencils, stamps. Egg outlines, spring black lines, paper.

7. Chicks in half-shell!
Students will make cotton ball chicks in real egg halves.
For each chick - one egg shell cleaned with bleach and left to dry. One yellow cotton ball. Two
googly eyes or black eyes made with hole punch. Small orange triangle. glue
Students glue the cotton ball in the egg shell. Add eyes and mouth.

8. Eggo- Easter Bingo!!
Alphabet Bingo with pastel M&M's as markers.

9. Egg Carton Spring Flower
Students will make a three dimensional flower using egg cartons as the base.
One cell of an egg carton is pre-cut. Student paints with yellow tempera. Add
construction paper petals and leaves.

10. Easter Egg Hunt!!! We will be using plastic eggs filled with the candy,
stickers, or toys ..