Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#3748. Black and White

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Sat Jun 24 21:00:41 PDT 2006 by Debbie Griewski (
Ansel Adams
Mobridge High School, Mobridge, SD USA
Materials Required: black and white instant camera
Activity Time: 2 hours
Concepts Taught: photography/photographers/world of black and white

In "The Giver", there is no color. This lesson would include studying Ansel Adams, a famous black and white photographer. After his photography is studied, give each student a throw away black and white camera and invite them to go outside of school (probably in pairs) and take interesting pictures where there is a good contrast of shadows. If your school has a photography department, they could develop their own pictures. We also took the pictures and made poster boards. The pictures were also judged and the best ones were entered in our local art show, photography session.