Grade: all
Subject: Art

#375. Spring Art Activities

Art, level: all
Posted Wed Apr 1 22:51:30 PST 1998 by Elaine Magud (
Joshua Cowell School, Manteca, Ca, 95336
Materials Required: see activity
Activity Time: varied
Concepts Taught: Art

Butterflies - fold a piece of white construction paper in half. Open it up again and drop spoonfuls of "Spring" colored tempera to one side of the paper. Close the paper and Squish! Open it up and you have a symmetrical design. When dry cut out to make a butterfly.

Paper mache eggs. Blow up balloons, Paint the balloons with liquid starch and place strips of colored tissue on the balloon. Repeat your layers of starch and paper. When dry pop the balloon and you have a beautiful egg.

Crayon resist - have students color on a piece of paper and then wash over it with a diluted pastel paint (tempra or water color)

Use egg cartons to make a caterpillar - cut carton in half length wise. Paint green. Add construction paper eyes and chenille antenna.

Marble painting- white construction paper cut to fit inside a cardboard box or lid. 5 colors of pastel tempera paint. 5 or six marbles. Student picks out 3 colors. Drop paint onto paper - throw in marbles and start rolling. When dry you can matte or draw a silhouette on the unpainted side and cut out. This year we made large bunny silhouettes and then added a construction paper bow - really cute and the kids just love to roll those marbles.