Grade: Senior

#3755. Reflecting on Learning Experience

Reading/Writing, level: Senior
Posted Thu Apr 27 13:32:04 PDT 2006 by Tonita Lang (
South Grand Prairie High School, Grand Prairie, USA
Concepts Taught: making students accountable, reflection

Internalizing the Learning Experience: Ways to show what I have learned?

• Month of August: write what you learned on the log and then reflect on the learning.

Example: Learned: This week I learned how to extend a sentence to make it more interesting

Thoughts: I really already knew how to do this but really never did. Now I see that it does make my writing more interesting.

Rest of the Trimester

• Create an illustration that is an interpretation of what you learned. Be sure to include captions or words that help me see what you learned
• Create an advertisement
• Create a recipe
• Create a one pager ( everything you learned on one page with pictures, words, quotes etc, and reflection)
• Create anything you want as long as it clearly shows what you learned and your feelings or thoughts about the learning itself or the process