#3763. Writing Alive

Reading/Writing, level: Kindergarten
Posted Thu Jul 27 14:17:02 PDT 2006 by K. O'Neal (ko'neal@wsd.edu.ca.k12.us).
Huntington Beach
Materials Required: Writing Alive materials, computer, paper
Activity Time: 40-50 minutes
Concepts Taught: Writing a complete sentence on the computer.

Writing Alive Sentences
On the Computer!

Materials needed:
• Writing Alive Shape Necklace materials (green apple subjects, purple peeks verb, red watermelon object and pink cotton candy prepositional phrase)
• Assortment of subjects, verbs, objects, and prepositional phrase pictures with words for each student to choose from.
• Writing Paper
• A computer for each student

Students create a sentence using Writing Alive materials then transpose it onto the computer while using correct sentence structure and punctuation.

• Review with the students while using the Writing Alive Shape Necklaces what a subjects, verbs, objects and prepositional phrases are and how to put them into a sentence.
• Lay out of a table several choices of smaller versions of the necklaces of subjects, verbs, objects and prepositional phrases that include pictures and words.
• Have each students choose one shape from each group to create a sentence.
• Have each student write down on a piece of paper the sentence they have created with their Writing Alive shapes.
• Place each student at a computer and have them type out their sentence, making sure to include correct punctuation.
• Print out each sentence and have the students circle the subjects green, place a peek around the verb, put a red watermelon around the object and create a pink cloud around the prepositional phrase.
• Have the students share their sentences with each other.