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Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#377. "Sonnets from Hester"

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Fri Apr 3 14:37:14 PST 1998 by Herman R. Moman (hmoman@union.k12.ky.us.).
Union County High School, Morganfield, KY 42437
Materials Required: Rhyming Dictionary and Poetic Form of Sonnet
Activity Time: one or two class periods
Concepts Taught: Analysis of characters

1. After novel is read, create discussion on the character Hester as a strong woman for young woman to model.
2. Have students make lists of Hester's positive personality traits.
3. Pair students to compare each other's list of traits for Hester.
4. Join Pairs of students into a quad for more comparison of Hestrer's traits.
5. Have group or quad of students create Venn diagram of the four lists to show areas of congruity.
6. Allow each two of the members to pick which sonnet form that they will use.
7. Brainstorm, each one by themself, as to groups of adjectives that they would suggest to describe Hester's traits.
8. Allow quad or group to compare their indivdual adjective lists.
9. Each two of the group write a rough draft of a sonnet on their individual groupings of Hester's personality traits.