Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#3776. Cause and Effect Board Game

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jul 28 12:07:19 PDT 2006 by Leona Streiner (
Mentor Public Schools, Mentor, Ohio USA
Materials Required: color cubes - 4 each of yellow and orange ; number cards from 1 through 4 (Uno cards are fine); pack
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Critical thinking, social skills, reading skills

continuation of materials: pack of other-colored cubes to be used as tokens; copies of "Cause & Effect" board; kitchen timer.

Introduce game, having students arrange desks for two teams, each team facing teacher in center. 2) students pick from bag yellow/orange cubes to form teams. Cube will be used as marker for game. 3) Introduce board with squares denoting everyday things that might happen in life, ie. burnt toast, late for school, sounds of fire engine/ambulance, child is soaking wet, dog is hiding under the bed, etc.
4)Explain that one person picks a card from the deck m moves their marker the number indicated on the card, and reads the square aloud. Teacher may prompt, "Why do you think that happened?". For correct answer, student receives a token. Anyone else on his team may come up with another correct answer and receive a token. 5) Play then goes to other team for similar chance. Game is over at the end of 30 minutes or if one team reaches the end. Count tokens to determine winning team.6) Be sure to give verbal reinforcement for not speaking out of turn, being polite, positive remarks during the game. (Originally created for special education students.)