Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#3779. Shakespeare Recitiation Assignment

Literature, level: Senior
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Glen Lake Community School, Maple City, USA
Materials Required: Class set of one of Shakespeare's Play
Activity Time: total: two class periods.

English 10
"Julius Caesar" Recitation Assignment (40 Points)
Due: April 10

Directions: After you have decided on the 12-line passage you will recite during the class' presentation of "Julius Caesar," fill out the following worksheet. It is your responsibility to memorize, word for word, your passage and be prepared to "act" it out on April 7 (look at the rubric for specific requirements) and answer the questions on the backside of this worksheet. Additionally, if you recite your passage to a faculty member before April 10 and they sign this paper, you will receive 10 extra credit points.

Note: You will hand this passage to Mr. Post before you recite it, so be sure you have it memorized (taking "glances" at this sheet will be next to impossible).

Act: ______________________________ Scene: __________________

Passage: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Faculty Participation: Hand this paper to the faculty member while you recite your passage so they can follow along as you recite.

I testify that __________________________ (student's name) recited the above passage to me verbatim, with an acceptable amount of mess-ups and without written or oral assistance.


______________________________________________ Date: _________________
Faculty Signature

Questions about your Passage

1. Paraphrase your passage in modern English. What is your character saying?
2. What does your passage say about either your character or the character they are talking about (or talking to)?

Character Being Revealed: ___________________________________________

Analysis: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Recitation Assignment Rubric

40 Points 35 Points 30 Points 20 Points
Requirement Student recited entire passage without error and performed their part with passion and gusto. Student recited entire passage with so few errors it did not disrupt performance in a noticeable way. Student recited entire passage with few mishaps. Student was able to recite some of their passage.

Failure to reach the above requirement will result in a zero for this assignment.
Extra Credit?

Yes (10 Pts) or No (Circle) Totals: