Grade: Elementary

#3790. Our Special Keepsake

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Mon May 29 21:32:49 PDT 2006 by Sandra Steele (
Anderson Elementary, Garden Grove, California
Materials Required: Book, "The Keeping Quilt," paper, pencil, graphic organizer, transparency, and overhead
Activity Time: 60 minutes
Concepts Taught: Paragraph Writing/Topic

Lesson Plan

Subject Area: Language Arts
Focus of Lesson: Paragraph Writing/Topic Sentences
Date: January 18, 2006
Grade: 3rd
Teacher: Mrs. Steele

INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVE: The teacher will teach students how to create a single paragraph. The students will create topic sentences and provide supporting facts and details. English-Language Arts Content Standards, Writing Strategies, Section W 1.1, I can create a single paragraph with a topic sentence with supporting facts and details. Reading Comprehension, RC 2.5, I know the difference between main idea and supporting details.

ANTICIPATORY SET: The teacher activates prior knowledge by pointing out that the American flag is a symbol. She asks students what they think it represents. Students are reminded that the flag is a symbol of America and it represents courage and freedom. "Can you think of anything that you have or own that is a symbol of who you are or what you believe in?" She then tells the students they will be listening to a story about a child's keepsake. The teacher accesses prior knowledge by asking the class, "What is a keepsake?" Together they discuss that a keepsake is a symbol that represents something special.

TEACHING/INSTRUCTION: The teacher will read or play the CD of the "The Talking Cloth" on the CD player. The students are instructed to follow along and listen to the story. The students are to pay attention to the main idea and supporting details. She reminds them that the main idea is big, and the supporting details provide information about the topic. Furthermore, she states that the conclusion repeats the main idea in a new way and brings the essay to an end. At the end of the story, the teacher will ask students what the main idea of the story was. The students are then asked to provide supporting details. The students and the teacher engage in discussion about "The Talking Cloth." The teacher then instructs the students to write a paragraph about a keepsake. Their paragraph must include a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion. The teacher emphasizes that she will be looking at topic sentences carefully.

MODELING: Using a graphic organizer on the overhead, the teacher models what to write for main idea, supporting details, and conclusion.

1. Teacher checks for understanding based on students' responses.
2. Teacher checks for understanding by asking students comprehension questions. She stops and continues to make sure students understand the material.
3. Teacher checks for understanding by checking students' graphic organizers.
4. Teacher checks for understanding by checking students' paragraphs.

Using the overhead, the teacher guides the student by assisting them with the main idea and supporting details. When the students begin their writing, she circulates the classroom to ensure that students understand the assignment and are staying on task.

CLOSURE: The teacher asks students to read their paragraph to the class.