Grade: Elementary
Subject: Phys Ed

#3792. long jump pit

Phys Ed, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jun 16 08:43:55 PDT 2006 by Ali Shareef (
School, Maldives
Materials Required: standing long jump
Activity Time: 70minutes
Concepts Taught: jumping

* Form 2 lines and take them to
the play ground.
*Big jump
- Make groups of 5-7.
- Each group makes lines with holding
front person's shoulder.
-Jump together and move forward.
-Try to move as fast as possible.
*Low walk
-With the same groups as Big jump,
squat down.
- Walk forward togther while
keeping a low position.
-Try to move as fast as possible

*At first explain the rules and do
arm swing practice
*Practice jumping as explained below
*Students stand on the take off line
with legs apart comfortably
*Toes should line up at the front
edge of the take off line
*Take off and land on with the both
*Measure how far students could jump
*Measure 2 times, so student may
jump better.
Can keep better record.

Form 2 lines and do slow jogging
Do light stretching
* Form 2 lines and go to the class