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#3795. Running

, level: all
Posted Fri Jun 16 08:52:17 PDT 2006 by Ali Shareef (
H.dh. Atoll Education Centre, Maldives (Kulhudhuffushi )
Materials Required: 12cones,wistle, stopwatch.
Activity Time: Running
Concepts Taught: running

* Learn running techniques and standing start
* Be able to sprint from standing start
* Be able to sprint in 35m
* Great the children and take them to the play ground by forming 2 lines.
*Catching tails game as a warm-up
* Well stretching
Main Activities:
*Divide the children into3 or 5 groups and do running drills
- Walking,- High knee,- Backkick, - Ankeling, big stride running
and skip running.
* Sprint practice
- Chase from sitting. - Chase from lying
Running test 50 meters
* Arrange the children in register order
* Do 50 meters sprint and record the time
*Batton pass Relay - divide the students into 2 teams and do relay
-Relay using Hand over technique or Up sweep technique.
-Go around the cones and pass the baton to the next runner.
-Receive the baton with right hand and pass it to the next runner with the same hand.
* Slow jogging
* light stretching and go to the class