Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#3797. simultaneous print and audiobook instruction

Language, level: Senior
Posted Sun Aug 13 14:47:44 PDT 2006 by alan gerstle (
DC area,
Materials Required: a 'hard copy' novel and an audiobook version
Activity Time: 40 to 60 minutes
Concepts Taught: Improving reading skills for dyslexics, ESL students, and foreign langaguage learners

I have found this helpful for myself in developing fluency in Spanish, and believe it would be helpful for advanced ESL students and dyslexic students who read at 10th grade level and above. Have the students read a novel; get a good audiobook version of the novel; in class, have the students follow the audio version while reading their print version. Follow up with a discussion on what they discovered new about the material (keep the questions open-ended). The next session, have the students listen to the audio version only and ask questions about their experience in listening only. I have done this with "The Things They Carried" on a Navy base and with dyslexics and on my own. Any feedback?