Subject: Art

#3799. Exploring Bloom's taxonomy through Eric Carle collage tech.

Art, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sun Jun 18 12:07:53 PDT 2006 by Diane Drosity (
Watson Lane Elementary, Louisville, Ky 40272
Materials Required: collage material, books by Eric Carle
Activity Time: 40 minutes
Concepts Taught: reading comprehension, collage technique

Date: May 25, 2006 Age/Grade Level: P1

Subject: Creative expression # of Students: 24 # of IEP Students: 9

Major Content: Art / Literacy Unit Title: Art Elements

Lesson Objectives--Students will
Participate in shared reading of story --House for Hermit Crab, The very Lonely Firefly, The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
Discuss art elements in the illustrations
Discuss story elements
Create a collage
Respond to open ended questions reflecting the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy

Connections--National Standards Addressed:
Standard 1: Understand and apply media techniques and processes. Students will be making a collage
Standard 2: Using knowledge of structures and functions. Students will be looking at and discussing illustrations in relation to art elements.
Standard 6: Making connections between visual arts and other disciplines,. Students will integrate language arts and visual arts.

Context--This is the culmination of my unit on art elements. Students will be asked to choose a story to listen and respond to--stories will be displayed and discussed so that students can make a choice. Students will also have input as to what project they will be doing. Students will have the choice between three Eric Carle books. After choosing a book, students will go to that group and listen to the story. Afterward, students will discuss which story element and questions they might depict using collage as a technique.

Books by Eric Carle: House for Hermit Crab, The Very Lonely Firefly, The Tiny Seed
Collage material

Procedures-- Students will review some things that they have learned about art. Teacher will give students a choice as to which book they want to hear. Students will go to that group (led by a teacher or assistant) and listen to the story. Discussion of the illustrations will take place--students will be encouraged to use appropriate vocabulary. Students will be asked to decide upon a story element or open response question to depict with collage technique. Students will be asked questions that reflect various levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. For example, students may depict a character from the story (knowledge), the main idea of the story (comprehension), draw a map of the path of the seed (application), depict an alternate ending to the story based on what they would do (analysis), show the beginning, middle, and end of the story (synthesis), and depict your favorite part of the story and explain (evaluation). Students will then make collage, responding to one of these questions..

Student Assessment--Students will be assessed during shared reading activity through teacher observation and level of participation. Students will be asked to present their collage and discuss any elements used to make their collage.

Reflection/Analysis of Teaching and Learning--Students loved making choices and helping to plan the projects. The projects were great and students used appropriate vocabulary to describe their projects.

Lesson Extension/Follow-up--Student work will be displayed on the bulletin board and at the local library.