Grade: Senior

#3806. Individual Research Project

Social Studies, level: Senior
Posted Sat Aug 26 18:10:15 PDT 2006 by MIke Reiter (
Westminister High, Westminister, U.S.A.
Materials Required: computer, Internet, Power Point, and Handouts
Activity Time: 2 to 4 class periods
Concepts Taught: The students use the Federal Reserve website to gather and organize data for a research project

Mike Reiter
Secondary Level
Lesson Topic: Individual Research Project

Materials and or Technology:
Power Point
Student Handout

Familiarize the students with the Federal Reserve website and the process for gathering and organizing data for a research project.

Alignment with standards:

1. Students will go to the Federal Reserve website and create a research paper.
2. Students will be given a choice of several topics to choose from. They will choose one topic from the areas listed.
3. They will prepare a 3 to 4 page research paper on the chosen topic.

The students will work individually.
The instructor will review the purpose of the Federal Reserve and its relevance
The students will choose one area to research form the provided handout.
The instructor will review the research guidelines on the handout with the students.
The students will have one week to complete their research paper.

Topic: The Federal Reserve

Closure and Assessment:
The students will turn in a completed research paper on their chosen topic and give a brief oral report on it.