Grade: all

#3809. verb rap

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Fri Apr 16 16:41:33 PDT 2010 by jennifer seger (jennifer seger).
chico usa
Materials Required: any music for a beat, paper, pencil
Activity Time: 25min
Concepts Taught: learning the use of a verb

Title: Verb Rap

Materials Needed: Verb rap song, paper, pencils

Anticipatory Set Instructional Input modeling Check for Understanding Practice Wrap Up

AS: How many of you like to do things like jump, run and hop? Do you know what those words are called?

1. Play the verb rap
2. What is the song talking about?
3. What is a verb?
4. Listen to the song again and act out the action in the rap
5. Get into small groups
6. Have the student create their own list of verbs and make up movements that go along with the verbs.
7. Come back together as a class and play the song again.
8. Call on different groups and have them fill in their "verb" when the song asks for it and act out the action as a class.

Wrap Up: Who can tell me what a verb is? Go around in a circle and have each student give a verb.