Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#381. Dinosaur Traps

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Apr 5 21:55:15 PDT 1998 by Jenifer Kelly (
Newman, New Orleans, LA
Materials Required: glue, tape, big piece of cardboard, scrap/recycle art materials(a lot of them!), index cards, pen
Activity Time: 20-30 minutes
Concepts Taught: building, creativity, language, science, spatial

The directions are to build a dinosaur trap their own piece of cardboard
using the scrap materials. The students select from a variety of scrap
materials (wrapping paper, plastic containers, film cannisters, spools, boxes,
mini sock hangers, basically anything that look interesting!). They
construct their traps. It's great to listen to them describe how
the trap works and to ak them divergent questions while they are building!
When they have finished, have them explain how the trap works. Write this
down and attach it to the trap. The only problem this lesson is that the traps
are usually about 1 foot long and you need storage
space while they dry.