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#3811. Using the Observatuion Checklist of Adult Language Deficit

Language, level: all
Posted Thu Aug 31 13:46:12 PDT 2006 by Harvey B. Firestone (
self employed lecturer- consultant, audiologist, Crystal River, FL, 34429, USA
Materials Required: a copy of OCALD
Activity Time: about 40 minutes per pupil
Concepts Taught: A guide for assessment of handicap in language challenged students

Using the OCALD, once it is finished the scoring method of each sectionof the 7 should be tallied on a floowup chart you make for each applied student. The chart should be 7 columns down and
ten across. each of the ten across parts are your beginning pints for theraputic application in the deficits of the seven sections. Beginwith
OBJECTIVES and write them in a positive mode: ex. Jim can be taught signalling with his eyes to meet bathroom challenges by looking at the direction of the bathroom and making a sound. Then try to apply each of the suggested methods you've chosen for each of the deficts cited by the OCALD.Continuing on , you should see a hierachy of plans and achievements for each deficit and the goals to reach for each person. The OCALD is writtenin poistive fashion which provides the very wording of each lesson you choose! Any problems contact the author at