Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Music

#3814. Scrapbooking

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: Scrap book, pencil, decorative paper, stickers, glue scissors, ribbons, buttons,
Activity Time: 45 min. to one hour
Concepts Taught: Writing a paragraph

Objective: The students will know how to write a paragraph.
Specific Objective: The students will write a paragraph with a topic sentence, three supporting sentences, and one concluding sentence.
Anticipatory Set: To help remember what we did in third grade, we will make a scrapbook of all important events of the year.
Step 1: To kick off scrapbooking, read a book that has a "memory" theme.
Step 2: Topic for the first page is the "Beginning of School." Teacher models with the help of students. "My first day of third grade was terrific......"
Step 3: Students will write a rough draft, edit, and write a final copy on decorative paper.
Step 4: Arrange the placement onto the first page of scrapbook and decorate with stickers and personal drawings of things they like about third grade.
Assessment: Teacher sets up a rubric of objectives. (Requirements: Topic sentence, three supporting sentences, concluding sentence, neatness, effort.)
Possible Connections: Timeline-Social Studies,
Reading-sharing of their entry