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#382. The Manteno Expedition 1998-99

Social Studies, level: all
Posted Tue Mar 2 07:32:13 PST 1999 by James Wilmerding (
The Illa Tiki Expeditions
La Mantena Raft Expedition, Richardson, Texas
Materials Required: Internet access and/or Amateur radio access
Activity Time: Flexible
Concepts Taught: Real time tracking of Pacific Ocean voyage

Follow adventurer John Haslett's attempt to sail a 60' Balsa Log
raft from Euqador(departed 10/98) to Hawaii as he traces an ancient seafarers route.
As of 03/01/99 raft position is 07 degrees 05 minutes North latitude and 87 degrees 55 minutes West longitude.
Contact can be made with the Expedition via the Internet at and weekly two-way ham radio contacts with the crew. The
expedition team encourages students to share their raft related projects, activties
photos, art work, writings etc with the team.
E-mail may also be sent to