Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#3822. Letter Picnics

Language, level: Kindergarten
Posted Wed Sep 20 18:16:50 PDT 2006 by Michele Bowling (
Dixie Elementary Magnet School, Lexington, USA
Materials Required: multiple picturecards for each letter
Activity Time: 10-15 minutes
Concepts Taught: Letter sound/Picture associations

Objective: Students will practice identifying words that begin with a specific lettersound.

This activity works best with a small group of students. I choose one letter to take on a picnic (usually one of the letters that we are studying for the week).

At the beginning of the activity, I have students help me say the name of each picture card that begins with the letter I chose. Then I shuffle the picture cards and turn them face down. I give each student a picture card face down on the table in front of them. This activity plays like "going on a bearhunt" except you say,"going on a 'name of a letter' picnic".

You say: I'm going on a Bb picnic.
Students echo you.
You say: I'm going to take some Bb things.
Students echo.
You say: I'm going to take...(turn over your picture card that was face down) ... a ball.
Students echo: We're going to take a ball.

Give the leader role over to the students one at a time to take a turn with their picture card.

Students always echo the leader like they did you.

As each child takes their turn, they put their picture card in a line in the middle of the table. Students recite(together) the name of each picture card as they build.

Ex. We're taking a ball, we're taking a banana, we're taking a bed,.....

Assessment: Oral- When everyone has had their turn, take up the picture cards. Ask them to tell you the letter sound and tell one of the things they took on the picnic.