Grade: Senior

#3823. Spanish Alphabet

Language, level: Senior
Posted Wed Sep 20 19:43:46 PDT 2006 by Diane M. James (
Bethel, La Ceiba, Honduras
Materials Required: pen or pencil, a note book, and a spanish dictionary
Activity Time: 15 minutes

Learning Spanish is easy, all we need to learn is to pronounce the word correctly, but first we must start learning the alphabet..
A B C Ch D E F G H I J K L Ll M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.
In spanish the alphabet has three more letter than in english, with can write Maana with "" which is "morning" And with "Ll" we can write "Llantas: which is "wheeles"
It's good for us to learn many vocabulary words
listening to the sounding of the words, will do you goood.
Manzana-apple pronunciation Mun-za-na
Maana-Morning pronunciation Ma-nia-na ( to pronunce the "" "enie", it sounds like "nia" when its followed by the letter "A".
Hola-Hello pronunciation O-la
Adios-Goodbye pronunciation A-di-us
Dia-Day pronunciation D-a
Noche-Night pronunciation No-chi-e
Dormir-sleep pronunciation Dur-mir
Comer-Eat pronunciation Co (Like cocunut)mer.
Saludar- Greet pronunciation Sa-lu-dar
Corazon- Heart pronunciation Co-ra zon (the z we saying as if we're spilling out something with our tongue, z.)
Well this is it for today, i will bring more to you, if you enjoy this lesson!
Have a nice day.
Tenga un buen Dia