Grade: Elementary

#383. My Favorite Toy-descriptive writing

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Apr 7 08:09:35 PDT 1998 by Dean ().
Materials Required: paper, pencil
Concepts Taught: Recalling details/descriptive paragraph organizing

My Favorite ToyChildren should write a detailed description of their favorite toy(including size, color, shape, texture, type of eyes, etc.(Children should then pai off. As the "author" reads his or her description, the partner draws what he or she believes the author's toy looks like. Have both partners write, read, and draw.When drawings are finished (author may not comment on the drawing before it is finished or say anything other that what he or she has written down), the author should look at the partner's drawing of the described toy. Together they should discuss any inaccuracies. The written description should then be edited to make it as complete as possible. Display the corrected copy of the description with the drawing made by the partner.