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#3836. a christmas role

other, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Oct 2 08:49:06 PDT 2006 by bex ().
liverpool , liverpool
Materials Required: wide space, pens, paper,
Activity Time: 1hr

submitted by bex aged 14.

pre-read story before the lesson then highlight a few paragraphs that interest yous.during the lesson read this to the children. the srory should be about christmas.(this choice is up to you). then ask questions about characters. pick a number of kids to play a certain character and re-read the story with the chosed kids acting out certain parts. brain storm ideas about christmas with the class. split the class into 2 groups one is to be santa and his helpers and one is to be a family at christams. give the children 5 minutes to think about the charaters they will play. when the children freeze walk over to each group then tap individuals on the shoulder and they will tell the class what they are thinking. explain the thoughtracking exercise before hand. when this is done split them up into small groups. they are to act out a bit from the story you chose, towards the end brainstorm ideas again for a story, hand out equipment to each child, pick one child to say a word about christmas then follow the seating plan and do the same. after each word is said tell them to write it down. when finished repeat task then look at list of words. (this could also be done on board. make the words into a poem or story.