Grade: all
Subject: Mathematics

#3838. Your Perfect Classroom

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Oct 4 05:57:06 PDT 2006 by Lauren Cinque (
Arcadia University-undergrad student, Philadelphia, PA
Materials Required: Tape measures,rulers,grid paper/geoboard,rubberbands,graph/white paper, pencils/color pencils/etc.
Activity Time: 2 days
Concepts Taught: Finding perimeter and area

Curriculum Area: Mathematics
Title: Your Perfect Classroom
Grade Level: 4th
Time Allotted: 2 days

This is an individual activity that has the students focus on who they are and what they prefer as individuals. Each student, while still using the room's exact perimeter and area, will create a map/blueprint of their ideal classroom.

The students will measure the perimeter and area of the classroom by using the formulas L+W+L+W and LxW so they will know how much surface area they have to work with.

The students will use these measurements when creating their map/blueprint of what their perfect classroom is going to look like and what it is going to consist.

The students will then present the map/blueprint to the class, explaining what is in their perfect classroom and why.

Geoboard/grid paper (to represent the square tile floors)
Rubber bands (if using geoboards)
Tape measure
Graph paper/white paper (for blueprints)
Pencils/color pencils/crayons/markers

The completion of a map/blueprint of the student's perfect classroom will consist of measurements, drawings, and a presentation to the class.


Begin by asking the class, "If you could design a perfect classroom what would it be like, what would it look like, what would you put in it, etc." Tell them that each student is going to get the chance to do exactly this by creating a map/blueprint of their perfect room. But remember to tell them that they must use the exact area and perimeter of their current classroom so remind them that they must use their space wisely!

After explaining the directions to the class, have the students begin to work in small groups of 2 to 3 to find the perimeter of the room.
Allow each group to decide what procedure they want to use to find the perimeter of the room (rulers, tape measures, grid paper, geoboards, counting tile squares, etc.) in addition to using the area and perimeter formulas.
Remind students as they begin to design their classroom that they must work with the perimeter and area that they calculated.
Remind students that after they have finished their maps/blueprints to make them colorful and eye catching.

Once the students have completed their map/blueprint have them present it to the class. This way everyone will be able to see everyone classroom and what makes it perfect to him or her.