Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#3845. Adjectives

Language, level: Middle
Posted Fri Nov 24 01:14:22 PST 2006 by Fidelia Mathew Sipaun (
Secondary School, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Materials Required: Board
Activity Time: 40 minutes
Concepts Taught: Grammar ( Adjectives)

Theme : People
Topic : Getting to know you
Emphasis : Preparation for the Real
Learning Obj. : 1.1d Introducing oneself
Behavioural Objs: 1. Talking and sharing
information about oneself.
2. Describing oneself by using
an adjective.
Activities : 1. Ss given 3 mins to come up
with an adjective that
starts with the
same 1stletter of their
name(s). Eg. 'My name is
Fidelia. I am FEROCIOUS
2. Ss take turn to share their
adjectives and names.
3. T -- Ss discuss the
importance of using