Grade: Senior

#3846. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Fri Nov 24 01:33:36 PST 2006 by Fidelia Mathew Sipaun (
La Salle Secondary School, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Materials Required: Board, novel, lit. exe books, colour papers, colour pencils etc(materials
Activity Time: 80 mins
Concepts Taught: Multiple Intelligences

Theme : Literature
Topic : Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by
Robert Louis Stevenson
Emphasis : Thinking Skills, Multiple
Learning Obj. : Describing the place where the
story took place and writing
a simple paragraph on it
Behavioural Objs: 1. Describing the places
introduced in the 1st
chapter by writing and
designing a pamphlet.
Activities : 1. Ss list the places found in
chapter 1.
2. In groups of 5, Ss need to
design a pamphlet to
promote any one of the
places mentioned in chapter
1(Ss have to write the
descriptions of the place).
3. All pamphlets need to be
handed in.