Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#3847. Introducing cultures with photos

Social Studies, level: Senior
Posted Mon Mar 29 19:32:57 PDT 2010 by yoonsun choi (yoonsun choi).
Materials Required: Computers, photos
Activity Time: 3 Hours

Goal: This lesson will promote multiculturalism in the classroom by encouraging students to learn other cultures with photos. It will also help students to build their visual literacy by searching photos and sharing photos on the Internet for a specific topic. By doing this activity, they will learn about Fair Use and Creative Commons.

The objectives: As a result of this activity, the students will be able to:
1. Search and download photos from the Internet which represent their cultures.
2. Upload photos on the Internet which represent their cultures.
3. Be aware of Fair Use and Creative Commons for using photos on the Internet.
4. Present their cultures with photos and reflect on this activity.

1. Tell students that they will introduce their own cultures using photos from the Internet and that they also will learn how to upload their own photos showing their culture.
2. Before searching on the Internet, give students a short presentation about the policies on Copyright and Fair Use ( ). Also, provide the website lists on Copyright and Fair Use policies (List #1) where they can further explore and learn about them.
3. Show videos on the concept of Creative Commons ( ) and on different license options ( ) to explain how students can get free licenses to share their photos.
4. Provide the websites (List #2) where students can search photos representing their cultures.
5. Give a concrete example of searching for photos for a culture in Flickr (, one of the best examples of a site using Creative Commons licensing.
6. Give a concrete example of upload several photos in Flickr with different licenses.
7. Have students to search and upload photos showing their cultures.
8. Ask them to share what they have found and uploaded with explanation of their culture.
9. Have a whole class discussion on difficulties of searching and uploading photos on the Internet and on advantages and disadvantages of introducing cultures with photos.

Assessment: Students should be able to find photos which can show their cultures clearly and match with students explanation. Students should be able to register for licensing when they unload their own photos and be able to explain it. Students should also include proper citation for the photos they have found on the Internet.

List #1_Student Resources for Copyright Issues

P Copyright Kids
P Copyright Students
P Copyright Students
P Intellectual Property

List #2_Students Resources for Photography

Image Search Tool
P Altavista Images
P Excite!FEhtm,dog/1/0/0/Relevance/iq=true/zoom=off/_iceUrlFlag=7?_IceUrl=true
P Google Images
P Photographic Libraries
P PicSearch
P Webseek
P Yahoo Images

Photo Sharing Websites
P winkflash
P Flickr
P Shutterfly
P Snapfish
P Webshots

Websites for learning cultures
P Intercultural Learning
P Cultural Profiles Project
P CIA World Factbook
P globalEDGE
P Colors Magazine
P National Geographic
P Culture Crossing