Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#3859. Language Arts Internet Lesson Plan

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Dec 16 07:45:36 PST 2006 by Jennifer LaHaie (rjlahaie@sbcglobal.ent).
Grandville, Grandville
Materials Required: Computer/Book/Pencil/Paper
Activity Time: 1 Hour
Concepts Taught: Reading/Wrting/Exploring the Internet

Language Arts Lesson Plan
This particular lesson focuses on a story in the students reading book. This addresses the curriculum standard of Language arts- Students will be able to read narrative text and show comprehension through written assessments. Students will also be able to read and document text from a variety of web sites.

1) The story the students are going to read is Akiak. Before reading the story the teacher will go to the following web page to discuss the author Robert J Blake.

Author Web Page-

2) The next activity is to introduce the vocabulary that is related to the story.
After discussing the vocabulary and having students look up the definitions, they can then go to the following web page to test their knowledge of the vocabulary.

Vocabulary Web Page-

3) The students and teacher will then read the story and discuss about Alaska, and dog sled races along with other topics relating to the story.

4) Alaskan Web Field Trip
The next activity will be for the students to take an Alaskan field trip on the web. They will need to visit the following web pages to take a trip to Alaska. During their trip they will be able to find out basic facts about Alaska and also see what it is like to be in a dog sled race. They will also be able to see pictures of all sorts of animals that live in Alaska

Field Trip Introduction-

Field Trip Log-

As students visit each site they need to fill out a field trip log that will state which site they visited and what they learned. Each student needs to fill one of these out for every site.

Wildlife Site-

This site gives the students the opportunity to see the different animals and learn facts about many different animals and what they hunt in Alaska.

Student Info-

This site gives basic facts about the state of Alaska. For example, how big the state is, state flower, etc.