Grade: Middle

#3862. Create a Person

Language, level: Senior
Posted Wed Jan 3 17:59:56 PST 2007 by susan licciardi (
ASSETS Learning Center, Alvin, TX
Materials Required: whiteboard/markers or paper/colors
Activity Time: 20 minutes +
Concepts Taught: Tener/Ser personal descriptions

Divide your class into groups of 3-4. Create slips of paper in 6-8 envelopes, number envelopes. One at a time, a student from each group comes up and takes a slip of paper out of each numbered envelope (one at a time, has to return slip of paper to go to the next). The first may say something, like: Yo soy alto/a y flaco/a. The next may say: Yo tengo pelo rubio. As they get the paper, they have to draw a person on the white board using the descriptions given. Then, they have to write on the board, changing from the First Person "Yo" to the third person, i.e., El/ella (depending on if they made the person a girl or boy) es flaco y alto. El tiene pelo rubio. After all the groups have gone through each of the envelopes, each group has a turn to describe their person to the rest of the class (they should choose a spokesperson).