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#3864. Angles of a Parallel Line and Transversal:

Mathematics, level: Senior
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Interactive Parallel Line and Transversal
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Materials Required: computers with internet access
Activity Time: 20-30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Parallel Lines, transversal, corresponding angles, alternate interior angles, alternate exterior ang

Part I: Warming up to the task
1) Ask students what makes two lines 'parallel'?

2) Provide students with a definition of parallel lines and provide a visual aid (if you have access to a computer and projector) at the following web page

3) Show the students the many different angles formed by a parallel line with a transversal. (using web page above or your own sketch)

4) Make a prediction: Ask students if they think that any of these angles are in any way special. Do any look supplementary, congruent complementary, etc.. ?

Part II Investigate/ Explore Angles on interactive web page

5) All students should go to the following web page

6) On this page is an interactive parallel line and transversal that allows studetns to move the transversal around and see the various angle measurements adjust accordingly in real time.

&) After students have 'played' with it for 5 minutes, students should make sure that they press the following buttons "Alternate Interior," "Alternate Exterior," and "Corresponding."

7) On a sheet a paper, students should explain the relationship of each of these angles.

8) Additional: Ask students to press the "Unlock Lines" button and explain what they do.