Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#3866. Spanish blind date

Language, level: Senior
Posted Sat Jan 6 13:15:26 PST 2007 by susan licciardi (
ASSETS Learning Center, Alvin, TX
Materials Required: brown paper bags, magazine cut outs of people
Activity Time: 20 minutes+
Concepts Taught: describing a person

Cut out pictures of women and men. Put one picture in each bag, be sure to mark the bags either male or female.

Each student gets to choose a bag. They then take out the picture of their "blind date." They have to give the person a name "el/ella se llama....", describe the person using at least 3 sentences.."ie., ella es alta, ella es rubia, ella es bonita", ella es fea". Then they have to write if they like their blind date or not and at least one reason why. This should use ser, and gustar adjectives, and the word, "porque." gusta Carmella porque ella es simpatica....