Grade: Elementary
Subject: 4 Blocks

#3872. Help Students Realistically Evaluate School

other, level: all
Posted Mon Jan 22 14:24:20 PST 2007 by Ruth Wells (
Classroom Management Lesson
Youth Change, Woodburn, OR, USA
Materials Required: see below
Activity Time: 15 min
Concepts Taught: Help Students Understand the Importance of School

When a student says that they're ready to be on their own, ask them to take a very brief quiz to evaluate their readiness. The quiz is called "Are You Ready for a Typical Day as An Adult?" The quiz asks questions such as "Your car breaks down on the way to work. What is the first thing you do?" Few youth will say "Call the boss." They can score themselves from "Ready for Independence" to "Don't Leave Home Without More Education." The full quiz is really quite provocative and compelling.There are dozens and dozens more ideas like this throughout our site, see link below.