Grade: Elementary

#3873. Working with word chants

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Jan 24 09:43:04 PST 2007 by L. Brooker (
New Hope Elem, georgia
Materials Required: paper, pencils
Activity Time: 10 minutes
Concepts Taught: fun ways to chant word wall words

The following is a list of chants to use with word wall words. We cut them apart and mounted them on cards. The cards are placed in a box. Each day you chant words, the cards are picked. This helps to use a variety instead of the same ones day after day.

Caribbean Spelling

Sing Opera Style

Box It Kick It

Frisbee Yo-Yo

Loud Voice

Soft Voice

Whisper Voice

Squeaky Voice

Growl Baby Talk

Boys/Girls Blast Off

Hand Jive Mouse

Back Tracer Robot

Fly Like Bird


Hold Nose Cheer It

Pat It Beat It
head tall letters
tummy short letters

Snap & Clap
snap vowels -- clap consonants

Raise The Roof



Throw the Stars

Be The Letter

Mexican Hat Dance

Flapping & Nodding
Flap wings and nod head for each letter



Clapping Syllables

Explosion (Volcano)
Whisper, normal, loud

Marshmallow Clap


Jumping Jacks

Toe Touches

Batter Up



Dribble & Shoot


Push Ups

Blowing Kisses

Pass the Ball

Muscle Man