Grade: Middle

#3877. Penquin Cinquains

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Feb 1 08:50:37 PST 2007 by Tyla J. Hill (
Clemson Elementary, Clemson, SC, USA
Materials Required: Books about penquins, cinquain format , pencils, crayons, and paper
Activity Time: 1-2 hours
Concepts Taught: cinquain poetry

-The teacher will complete a KWL chart about penquins.
-The teacher will read the penquin books and show pictures of penguins.
-The class will complete the KWL chart and list all information learned.
-The teacher will review the parts of a cinquain poem and review the following terms: nouns, verbs, adjectives, and synonyms.
-The student will use the cinquain format and draft the poem.
-The student will partner with a classmate and edit his/her poem.
-The student will publish his/her poem on paper of the teacher's choice and draw a penguin to illustrate the poem.

Cinquain Format:
First line-Title (noun)*2 syllables

Second line-2 adjectives (describing the noun)*4 syllables

Third line-3 verbs describing your noun *6 syllables

Fourth line-4 word short phrase about the noun *8 syllables

Fifth line-synonym for the noun *2 syllables