Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#3878. Prefixes and Suffixes

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
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Northview, Duarte,CA
Materials Required: corrective reading books, workbooks, pencils and journals
Activity Time: class period
Concepts Taught: prefixes and suffixes

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Topic: Corrective Reading Decoding C Grade Level 7/8

Standard: 1.9 Know the meaning of simple prefixes and Suffixes (grade 2)
1.2 Decode regular multisyllablic words. (Grade 3)
2.4 Draw inferences, conclusions, or generalizations about text and support them with textual evidence and prior knowledge. (Grade 5)

Objective: Students will review meanings of affixes and decode regular multisyllabic words.

Materials: Corrective reading books, workbooks, pencils, and journals.

Anticipatory set: Show students pictures of Triceratops and explain when they lived.

-The teacher will review affixes with students. The affixes are re, un, pre, dis. I will ask the student for one meaning of each of the affixes.
- The teacher will pronounce words for students and have the students repeat the words after the signal.
-Each student reads two to four sentences from the text.
- The teacher reviews the work book questions with the class.

Check for understanding
- Individual students are called upon to answer comprehension questions during the story reading.
- Individual students are called upon to answer the work book comprehension question.

Guided Practice:
The students will repeat the meaning of the affixes after being prompted by a signal. The teacher has pronounced the words once and it is now the students turn. The students will be signaled by the teacher and they will respond in unison. The students are paired up for the two minute timed reading check out. It starts with the first sentence of the story. They need to read 240 words in two minutes and making no more than 5 errors on first part of lesson 46.

The students receive five points in each of two boxes in class does well (box A & B). In boxes C&D it is an individual score for the two minute timed read and the workbook score.

Independent Practice: The corrective reading workbook for lesson 46. Homework will be for each student to write five words for each affix.

Accommodation: I use the overhead to write the answers to help my visual learners and the resource students.
-Students become part of lesson, by becoming human measuring sticks.
-Teacher aides helps the students track in the book.

Evaluation and Assessment: - Reading fluency log for each student.
- The reading consultant tests each student during the course of the quarter.
- The students keep track of their own two minute read total words and total errors.