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Grade: all
Subject: Games

#388. Spelling Game - "Wolf"

Games, level: all
Posted Sun May 31 19:14:10 PDT 1998 by Teresa R. (Brlawn@worldnet.att.net).
Irving, Texas
Materials Required: No materials required!
Activity Time: 10-15 minutes
Concepts Taught: Spelling

This is a quick spelling game. All children in the class stand to begin the game. The teacher calls out the spelling word and the first person says the first letter, the next person says the second letter, the next person says the third letter and so on until the word is spelled. When the word has been spelled the next person would say "wolf". The teacher then calls out the next word and moves around the room (like the game of around the world with flash cards). If a student says an incorrect letter he/she sits down and the next person must be ready with the correct letter of the word. The object of the game is to still be standing after all spelling words have been called out. The students love the game once they get the hang of it. The students are very attentive and quiet during the game so they will know what letter to call out when it is their turn.