Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#3880. Exponents, Polynomials

Mathematics, level: Middle
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Duarte High school, Duarte,CA,USA
Materials Required: computer,projector,white board,markers, paper and pencil.
Activity Time: 1 period 50-55 min
Concepts Taught: Rules of exponents and their use in multiplying /dividing monomial/polynomial

BTSA Induction standard Based Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: Jeopardy in Polynomials
Result focus: Use of technology in practicing math concept.
Unit big ideas appropriate to this lesson: The use of technology as visual and engaging method of practicing math concepts.
Essential question appropriate to this lesson: What are the rules of exponent and how to use them in multiplying /dividing monomial/polynomial
Subject: Algebra I
Academic content standard addressed; CA standard 10.0 and 11.0
Unit Knowledge and skill objective: Students can identify and use rules of exponents in multiplying /dividing monomial/polynomial
Student assessment strategies: Students work in group of 3-4 as a team, each problem is solved and showed on a dry erase board and teacher checks it. At the end each team member turns in paper with all problems solved to be able to take benefit of group points.
"Hook" background Students' familiarity with game of jeopardy and competition spirit.
Prior Knowledge: Students know basic rules of exponents.
Time : 50-55 min
Teacher led instruction/guided practice: Rules are explained and written on the board; each slide consists of one problem and leads to the slide with correct answer.
Differentiation of instruction

GATE/High Achievers
They be the lead and explain problems to their group
At Grade Level
Students pick the problem

Below Grade level
Students collect and turn in their team work.

ELL/Sp. Need
Keep track of their team points. Differentiated

Teaching and grouping strategies; Content: problems to simplify. Each student has a list of problems to make work more tangible.

Activities: Practice a concept by using visual and game.

Product: Students work on both white board and paper.

Each group consists of one high achiever, 1below level and at level student.
Resources needed Computer, Projector, white board, markers, paper and pencil.
Closure At the end teacher rounds up by repeating the rules of exponent.
Post Lesson Reflection/Assessment Each student is given points according to participation and work submitted.
Students write one paragraph journal about the game.
Next step After a brief time has passed students will do warm up quiz to practice and take information to the long term memory.