Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#3882. Becoming an Immigrant

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Jan 28 07:25:12 PST 2007 by Courtney Vaughan (
Crosswell Elementary, Easley, United States
Materials Required: internet access, construction paper, dowel stick, passport
Activity Time: 2 - 5 days

Daily Lesson Plan
Becoming an Immigrant

Teacher Name: Courtney Vaughan -- Crosswell Elementary
Subject: Social Studies -- 5th Grade
Date(s): This lesson should be used throughout the Industry and Immigration Unit until all children have had the opportunity to research their immigrant.

Daily Review:
1 Prior Learning
1 Objective
1 Thinking Skills
Academic Objectives:
• Identify reasons why immigrants came to the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s
• Compare and contrast the immigration stations at Ellis Island and Angel Island
• Evaluate the challenges that faced new immigrants Standard(s):

• Lesson Introduction: Read "If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island" by: Ellen Levine

• Instructional Process: This lesson will begin after the lesson on Big Business in which the United States needed much help in the job market. Prior to this lesson, students have been introduced to many immigrants such as Nathan Nussenbaum, Mary Antin, and Annie Moore. They have also completed a venn diagram comparing the two immigration stations -- Ellis Island and Angel Island.
Activity #1: Students are told that they will be taking on the identity of an Eastern European or European immigrant. Using the LCD player, the children are introduced to the website They are shown how to login and look up the passenger lists of the immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island.
Activity #2: After the students are familiar with the website, they will be using it on their own to find their immigrant. They will start by typing in their own name in the passenger search of the website. Many of the children will find that their whole name was one of an actual immigrant. Other children will have to choose a name that is very similar to their own. Notes: The children have a hard time choosing an immigrant from Europe. Have a map of Europe displayed in the classroom to help guide students in picking European countries. After their selection, have them put a sticker on the country they chose.
Activity #3: After they have chosen their immigrant, they will click on the immigrant for further information. They will need the immigrant's full name, birthday, country and city of departure, occupation, education, and marital status. Most of this information is available for all immigrants on the website. Notes: If a student chooses an immigrant with one or two missing components, the students can use their knowledge of where the immigrant is from to make up an educated answer.
Activity #4: Once the student has all of the information on their immigrant, he/she can begin creating their passport using the information obtained on the website.
Activity #5: The student will make a flag of their country using a half piece of construction paper and a dowel stick.

• Homework or extension activity: The research, passport, and flag will be used for the Immigration Simulation. On this day, students will dress as their immigrant and go through the processes the immigrants went through as they made their way through Ellis Island. They will be required to pass a citizenship, reading, vision, hearing, and writing test to be admitted into the United States of America.
• Assessment/Reflection: The students will write a letter home to a loved one explaining their journey to and experiences at Ellis Island.
Targeted Practices
1 Assessment -- Industry and Immigration Test/ Immigration Simulation

1 Cooperative Learning

1 Learning Styles

1 Multiple Intelligences

1 Technology/Internet --