#3892. Review for the Final Exam

Language, level: Senior
Posted Wed Feb 7 15:39:48 PST 2007 by yovannis (yduarte@k12.duarte.ca.us).
Materials Required: Projector, computer. Power point.
Activity Time: Technology lesson

Duarte High School
Teacher: Yovannis Duarte Leyva
En Espaol 3

Title: Hablemos de Salud.

Students will be able to use correctly verbs and new words of the vocabulary already studied, and put them in a real life situation.
The students will make use of the Imperative in the present tense in Spanish.
The students will use the direct object pronouns in a correct way

-After checking the homework, I would review the material previously studied, that way would brush up on the fresh knowledge of the material learned.

The Ud. and Uds. Command forms are all formed by taking the yo form of a verb, dropping the --o and adding the appropriate endings
Verbs ending in --ar you add -e for Ud. and --en for Uds.
Cur-ar (to heal):
Yo cur-o
Usted cur-e. Ustedes Cur-en
Verbs ending in --er or --ir you add --a for Ud. and --an for Uds.
Consum-ir (to consume)
Usted consum-a Ustedes consum-an
Regular t commands look just like the third person indicative.
El (indicative) toma t (imperative) toma.

- Then after that I would have students complete the following exercise and role play it among themselves in pairs.

I. Complete the following dialogue using the command forms of the verbs, and the words from the vocabulary.

Mam: Raquel, ___________ la medicina. Ests ______________ .
Raquel. Si, me siento ________. Me ________ un vaso de agua, por favor.
Mam: Claro, estas _____________ son muy buenas para el ___________. Veras como

te ____________ pronto.

Raquel: Gracias mama. ____________ a mis amigas por mi, y _____________ que nos vemos maana. (Despedir) (Comentarle)

- After that they would complete this second exercise, and I will give them a few minutes to get ready and do some role play too.

II. Una visita al doctor. Complete el dialogo siguiente entre el doctor y el paciente, y luego practquelo con su compaero(a).

Dr.: Buenos das, seor(a) _____________. Cmo se siente?
(your name)
Paciente: Muy mal. Me_______________ la cabeza.
(doler: to hurt)
Dr. Tome estas ________________. Eso le ayudar.

Paciente: Tambin tengo __________ de odo.

Dr.: Puede ser que tenga una_______________. Tome estos __________________ y estas _________________________. Adems

______________ por siete das de su trabajo.
Paciente: Muchas gracias doctor. Usted siempre tan __________________ .

Pastillas: pills, Gotas Para el Oido: ear drops, Recuperarse: to recover, get well, Resfriado: flu, Enfermo (a): sick, Mal: bad, Infeccin: infection, Dolor: pain.

- Then as homework, I would ask the students to write a story about one time they went to the doctor, and what happened during that visit. They can make up one story if they don't have one.

3. Por favor escribir una ancdota sobre una vez que fuiste al doctor, y narra que te pas en esa ocasin. Puedes crear tu propia historia.