Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#3903. Prophecy or Not (Tragedy of Macbeth)

Literature, level: Senior
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Daniel High School, Central, USA
Materials Required: Handouts, textbooks
Activity Time: app. 60 minutes
Concepts Taught: Predictions , Collaboration, Discussion

Prophecy or Not?

Objectives: The student will be able to:
- recall information from the text
- apply information
- generate predictions

Targeted Standards:

E4-R1.8- Demonstrate the ability to draw conclusions and make inferences.

E4-W3.1- Demonstrate the ability to respond to texts both orally and in writing.

E4-C1.3- Demonstrate the ability to use oral language to inform, to analyze, to explain, to persuade, and to compare and contrast different viewpoints.

E4-C1.7- Demonstrate the ability to participate and respond appropriately in conversations, discussions, speeches, and debates.

Steps for Unit/ Daily Plan:

-Give out prophecy handouts.
-Explain assignment: In groups students will make predictions about what will happen to each of the main characters based on Act I of Macbeth.
-Give sample response for character not listed on the board or overhead.
-Explain point distribution.
-Explain expectations for participation: All students must write down predictions on their own paper, but should participate in group discussion.
-Allow students to ask questions about expectations.
-Put students into groups into four groups. (2.8)
-Allow students 25-30 minutes to work.
-Walk around the room and monitor student work (7.1) Make marks for individual student participation.
-Allow each group to pick a name out of a hat or bowl. They will present their predictions for that character to the class. Each group should have app. 3 minutes.


Prophecy or Not?

In small groups, make predictions for the main characters in Macbeth. Discuss the following questions as a group, but take notes individually (each person is responsible for all of the questions). At the end of the activity, each group will share their responses for one of the characters. A character name will be randomly selected when your group gets up to present. You will share your responses for that character only. Answer all five questions for the following characters: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, The Weird Sisters, Banquo.

20 questions @ 2pts. each
Participation- 10 points
Total: 50 points

1. Describe your first impressions of this character.

2. Do you think good or evil will ultimately prevail for this character? What evidence do you have?

3. What role has this person played in the events so far in the play?

4. What role do you think this person will play in the events that are to unfold?

5. Where will this character be at the end of the play? (six feet under, jail, King's castle, etc.) Why do you feel this way?

Prophecy Rubric Name:

__Actively participates in group discussion
-shares opinions
-listens to other group members
-discusses things related to lesson
__Participates in group presentation
-looks involved
-adds input
__Completes questions for all four characters with thoughtful responses
-gives complex answers (not just one or two words)