Grade: Elementary
Subject: Special Ed

#3904. Truly Amazing Mammals

Special Ed, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Feb 9 11:20:04 PST 2007 by Andrew Holliday (
Pickens Elementary School, Pickens
Materials Required: Internet access, mammal books, paper, and pencil
Activity Time: One to Two days
Concepts Taught: ELA and Science

Daily Lesson Plan

Truly Amazing Mammals

Teacher Name: Andrew Holliday

Subject: ELA Class Periods: 4th/Resource Date(s): January 17, 2007

Daily Review:0 PACT0 Prior Learning0 Objective0 Thinking Skills0 _________ Academic Objectives: The students will demonstrate the ability to identify one mammal from which they have previously studied and write a 3-5 paragraph essay on that mammal. Standard(s):English Language Arts4-R1.1 Demonstrate the ability to use a variety of strategies to derive meaning from texts and to read fluently.4-W1.1 Demonstrate the ability to choose a topic, generate ideas, and use oral and written prewriting strategies. 4-W1.5 Demonstrate the ability to edit for language conventions such as spelling, capitalization, punctuation, agreement, senctence structure (syntax), and word usage.4-W1.6.1 Demonstrate the ability to write multiple-paragraph compositions, friendly letters, and expressive and informational pieces.4-W1.6.2 Demonstrate the ability to use the Internet with teacher guidance and support to communicate with others.4-S2.2 Demonstrate the ability to gather and organize information from a variety of sources, including those accessed through the use of technology.ScienceS II A 1 Organisms have basic needs and can survive only in environments in which their needs can be met. The world has many different environments and distinct environments support the life of different types of organisms.

Lesson Introduction: In today's lesson we will be writing a 3-5 paragraph essay on mammals. We have been discussing mammals from all over the globe. We are going to find our information about mammals on the Internet. You will work alone but I will help you get on the Internet. After you get your information, you will return to your desk and use the information to write a rough draft on the mammal. You are going to complete a 3-5 paragraph essay on mammals using the information you obtain from the internet. When you complete your rough draft, raise your hand and I will place you in groups of four to edit your papers for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. After we edit your paper, you will write a final copy to be turned in. If you do not complete the assignment today, you will have a chance to finish the assignment tomorrow in class.

Instructional Process (Place Internet activity within lesson structure.)
Students will visit the following websites to find the information that is needed to complete the essay. They will work individually and take turns using the Internet. Not all students will have the same mammals on their essays.

Activity #1: Notes: Wonderful information about many zoo animals, including a section on mammals, at the Oakland Zoo.
Activity #2: Notes: This website tells information about specific mammals and the students can select a topic (habitat, diet, body shape, etc.) to search.
Activity #3: Notes: Electronic Zoo allows you to select a mammal from a group of pictures and then explore links to learn about your mammal.
Activity #4:!/midanim.html Notes: This website allows the students to type in their mammal in the search engine and several websites on their mammal will appear.

Homework or extension activity: The students will complete the assignment during the next class period. Those students who finish early will draw an illustration of the mammal they wrote about.

Assessment/Reflection: (Strategy/Result) The students will be graded on completion of work, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. Also, each student needs to write a 3-5 paragraph essay to receive full credit.

Targeted Practices (Check and make notes as desired.)
0 Assessment: Mammal essay (3-5 paragraphs)
0 Cooperative Learning: Work in groups of four to edit rough draft
0 Learning Styles: Reading, Writing, Computer all involved in the lesson
0 Multiple Intelligences
0 Technology/Internet: Internet used to find information about their mammal
0 Cross Curricula Lesson (Subjects: ELA and Science)
0 Other _______________________________________