Grade: all
Subject: Phys Ed

#3906. Obstical Course

Phys Ed, level: all
Posted Wed Feb 14 10:42:00 PST 2007 by Amanda Smith (
Glendale Elementary, Raytown, USA
Materials Required: 1 Tumbeling Mat, 1 Tunnel, 2 Scooters, 3 Balance Beams
Activity Time: 30 -45 min.
Concepts Taught: Balance, endurance, and patience

1. Children begin in front of the mat standing in a straight line.
2. The first child must hop on one foot to the end of the mat.
3. When the child reaches the end of the mat then the next child may start.
4. At the end of the mat, the child will have to crawl through the tunnel.
5. After crawling through the tunnel, he/she must sit on the first scooter until reaching the second scooter.
6. After reaching the second scooter, the child must get off the scooter and run it back to where it first was.
7. Next, the child should run to the second scooter and lay on the scooter with the stomach touching the scooter.
8. The child will crawl across the floor to the balance beams.
9. After reaching the balance beams, the child may get off the scooter and onto the balance beams. I will take the scooter back to where it was.
10. After the child walks across the balance beams he/she may get back in line to go again.